PNC Park adds important upgrades for 2017 season

Updated: March 31, 2017

Although the Pirates organization is often criticized, and rightly so, for their cheap ways of dealing with players, they did make a sizable investment into PNC Park this offseason.

More than a million dollars were spent upgrading the outfield’s out of town scoreboard, replacing the stadium’s lighting, expanding the protective netting along the base lines, and adding more seats.

According to the Pittsburgh Business Times, Pirates President Frank Coonelly said the organization spent more than $100,000 on the netting alone, but stressed that the team knows it is the right thing to do:

Coonelly told the Pittsburgh Business Times that the investment was in the range of several million dollars, as well as the $100,000 the Pirates are spending to extend the protective netting between the ends of each dugout to keep errant balls and bats away from more fans.

The Pirates also found room to add 240 more seats, primarily in the Lexus Club behind home plate and along the third base line.

The most prominent addition to the ballpark is the new LED out of town scoreboard, which will keep its old look while the game is in play. The new video screen replaces the original light-bulb controlled scoreboard that has been present since the ballpark opened in 2001. During breaks, the screen will show video and other animated promotional media.

The team also replaced all 646 bulbs in the stadium’s lighting fixtures with LEDs, which Coonelly said would look more like natural daylight and improve playing conditions.

You can read PBT’s full article on the upgrades here.

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